Young Man and a Tree, 2018

Connection with nature through clothes and stories

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Emi Kubota
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Young Man and a Tree

Connection with nature through clothes and stories

For my fashion and graphic design project, I embarked on a creative endeavor that merged clothing and photography to convey captivating narratives. The clothes brought to our class served as a profound source of inspiration, captivating me with their intricate materials, shapes, and colors.

While adorning the model's body with each garment, I envisioned an enthralling color combination that demanded attention: the arresting juxtaposition of pink and black against a backdrop of all-black clothing. This evoked thoughts of nature's harmonious beauty and sparked my exploration of string as a symbol of connection, control, and puppetry. By skillfully manipulating the clothes' styling, I aimed to transport viewers into an ethereal realm of illusion.

Adding further layers to this captivating visual narrative, I employed a soft black material belt to conceal the model's eyes, creating an intricate tapestry of illusions—whether belonging to my own imaginative world or that of the viewer. Ultimately, this photography art piece aspires to ignite the fires of imagination and weave tales through captivating visuals.

* This creation is framed.

Emi Kubota


Fine Arts

Graduation Year





My passion for storytelling and art led me to pursue a career both in art and filmmaking. I want to touch people’s emotions through my work that explores memory, gender, female identity, and personal experience. What inspires me to create my artwork is every day and memory, readings about philosophies such as Judith Butler, Laura Mulvey, bell hooks, and many other feminist writers. The creative process starts with my own thinking that leads to a concept of the artwork, researching certain social and political issues that concern me at that moment. After the research, I get inspiration from materials to make a sculpture, my surrounding, and my experience to write stories for filmmaking. My works stand out because of the strong concept behind the work. The concept has to give impact and the visual to be bold.
My journey in art began because of the need to express my abstract thought and personal conflicts from being unable to articulate myself well. I was drawn by colors, in particular how colors can be used to show our emotions.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

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Photosatin paper

It was still a memorable process that I made a few prints of this photography. Not only because of the concept of using clothes, styling, and photography as the main subject, this method was freeing and imaginative. The project was fulfilling because of the experimentation element of it, where I use my hands to touch, make, and draw. I styled, directed, and photographed this project.
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