Wrinkles, 2021

Despite Collection 2023

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Jahnavi Gurrapu
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Despite Collection 2023

One of those experiences while exploring my journey into realism and replicating emotions.
It was about realizing the life experience of that person in the depths of his hundreds of folds and wrinkles, in the colorful cloth that he wrapped around his head, his tired wet eyes resting under his loose eyebrows and still carrying his confidence and a stubborn expression.

* This creation has an inner frame

Jahnavi Gurrapu


Fine Arts

Graduation Year





Jahnavi Gurrapu, a dynamic 25-year-old visual artist from India, seamlessly blends her technical expertise in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with her passion for art. Her creations eloquently capture the range of human emotions found in everyday life and delve into the intricacies of psychological study. Drawing from her personal experiences, she skillfully explores the impact of different cultures on individuals, revealing diverse perspectives on common daily life issues. Jahnavi has represented India on international platforms, received prestigious awards, and showcased her talent in London. Additionally, she is a trained Kuchipudi dancer and Indian classical vocalist, captivating audiences with her performances.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

122 X 153 X 2 cm

48.03 X 60.24 X 0.79 Inch


5 kg

11.02 Lbs


Cotton canvas

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