Utter Vigorous Nourish Women IV, 2021

Utter Vigorous Nourish Women VI

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Shivangi Dwivedi
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Utter Vigorous Nourish Women IV

Utter Vigorous Nourish Women VI

Utter Vigorous Nourish Women is a series -

I created this artwork on Mother's Day. As I was sitting in lockdown during the pandemic, it was very tough to live far away from my mother. A random thought came while I was sitting on my balcony. I picked some leaves and rose petals to instantly create the fabric which is in the paintings. One mother wore saree stitch on canvas, all paintings in this series have the 3D form of original textile and the paintings show the love of every mother for their child.

* This creation is framed

Shivangi Dwivedi



Graduation Year





Being a woman, I understand emotions very well. So it sparks me to come up with creative artwork on canvas. This emotion was there from the childhood days.

During my 4th semester at NIFT, a thought came to my mind that I should combine my own created textile and art together in one platform. In the last couple of years I am combined all these three things (art, textile, own emotion) into an art piece, which makes me different.

When any artwork comes in front of the collector, they will be able to understand my emotion, skill, passion, and new creativity. They will also be able to feel the motto behind the painting, and each painting has its own depth feeling and state of mind.

The only dream that I have is to become a known artist and people love to see my art and understand the feeling behind it.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

34 X 24 X 4 cm

13.39 X 9.45 X 1.57 Inch


1 kg

2.2 Lbs


Base - paper, water color, soft pastel. Eco print created fabric, natural dye exploration fabric

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