Tree of Life, 2023

Representation of the tree of life using 3D sculpture.

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Chloe Storm
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Tree of Life

Representation of the tree of life using 3D sculpture.

This represents the biblical Tree of Life and growth. The warm light represents everlasting happiness. The roots represent the journey it takes to get there. You can even see some of the light peaking through the trunk, this represents the pockets of happiness we experience throughout our lives before we reach everlasting happiness.

Chloe Storm


Graphic Design

Graduation Year



United States


I am inspired by people and how they interact with the environment around them. Everyone encounters their own unique circumstances, so I love meeting new people and discovering their specific story that they have to tell. My art is simply a visual way to communicate their story without using words.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 9 X 4 in

25.4 X 22.86 X 10.16 Cm


0.8 lb

0.36 Kg


String, Wire, Shower Curtain, Fabric, Lights, and Paint

I started out with some sketches of what I was going to create. Then I created a skeletal structure using wire. Once I had that I wrapped it in a green fabric and applied it with hot glue. Then I started working on the trunk by tieing multiple strings together at a time then twisting them around each other. Then I hot glued them to the fabric that's on the trunk and left the excess string to just flow out the bottom. For the transparent top of the tree, I cut up a shower curtain then hot glued it in strips to the wire structure. Once I had enough leaves, I placed a strip of wired lights on the inside to create the glowing effect.
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