Trance - Candle Stick Holder, 2022


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Anli Hou
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Trance - Candle Stick Holder


Nowadays, people are faced with an overwhelming amount information and need space to relax. A state of meditative trance is a way I reduce this pressure.
For me, a trance is a kind of entertainment with the lowest cost. Holographic objects could
save me from boredom anywhere and anytime, and take me away from the pressures of life. In such states of being, one can obtain many inspirations.
In addition, for me candles are a source of security and warmth. I light a candle almost every night and stare it. I feel its light perfectly surrounds me, and I get a sense of belonging. I feel free here, I should be here, and this is my space. I combined holographic surfaces and candles in an object to induce states of trance, inspiration and relaxation in the viewer. I made a candlestick from metals and holographic plastics, the candlelight will create dazzling effects, and produce vivid colours. The visual and atmospheric effects will function to elevate and soothe the emotional state of those who experience it.

Anli Hou


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year



United Kingdom


Anli Hou is a Chinese jewellery designer. Her artworks include not only jewellery but also objects, painting, cinematography and cutlery. In her MA study, her works focused on offline socialising. Nowadays, people often feel apprehensive about it because they are stressed to find an icebreaker. To help them deal with such embarrassment, her work is to share the ‘offline visual ID’ by wearing jewellery. She tends to show the effect of lights, colour and texture, explore the possibility of them. She likes to combine comprehensive materials with metals. Choose brighter and more vivid colours and materials. Try to show the reflection effect of the lights on the jewellery surface. For those looking for an exclusive design, Anli offers a bespoke service and works closely with clients to create something special.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

15 X 6 X 6.5 cm

5.91 X 2.36 X 2.56 Inch


0.15 kg

0.34 Lbs


silver\brass\pearls\holographic plastic

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