The way to the Biennale III, 2023

The beauty in the imperfection

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Shira Zigenlaub
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The way to the Biennale III

The beauty in the imperfection

The ceramic 3D printer is an innovative and fascinating world. As a designer, when I come to design a collection, I go through several months of development attempts. Trials that include testing shape, color, pattern, glaze, printing techniques and more.

In the process I go far, cross borders and reach creative and special places.
This is to discover and create a special and innovative aesthetic world.
For the past six months I have been working on a series of parametric scales, part of the series is going to be presented at the Haaretz Israeli Biennale starting this July! As a young designer this is very exciting for me.
I created an artistic product series that stretches the boundaries. The series presents the attempts I made in the process of developing the collection - the attempts on the way to the Biennale.

The items are unique lenses that show the imperfection in the process, the long and complex path I went through for several months to develop my collection.

Shira Zigenlaub


Industrial Design

Graduation Year





From a young age I was attracted to fascinating shapes, colors, textures and patterns.

I like to go outside, observe the beauty that exists in the world and draw inspiration from it for my work.

In my work, I am interested in combining the world of craft with innovative technologies and thus producing unique works.
In addition, I like to explore and go on adventures, travel in Israel and the world, meet new people and ideas.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

12.5 X 24.2 X 23.2 cm

4.92 X 9.53 X 9.13 Inch


2 kg

4.41 Lbs


Ceramic print

The items are special collectibles, there are no others like them, nor can identical items be produced. In each of them, I tried to examine a different special parameter: fractures, cracks, shrinkage, application of paint, air bubbles, and more.

I like the series and the imperfection it presents. It shows my way in the best light.

Every detail is something that detracts from being a finished product. In some of them the defects became part of the unique aesthetics of the product.
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