The Waves' Glare, 2021

Artistic expression of the waves' surface

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Yana Rivkin
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The Waves' Glare

Artistic expression of the waves' surface

When I go to the beach, I can see the sunlight on the water, smell the salt in the air, hear the waves hit the stone. These sensations have affected me deeply, and I decided to make my next piece. In this piece the shine caused by the sunlight is represented through the zircon stones, and the silver expresses the waves.

Yana Rivkin


Jewelry Design

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I am a designer, finished my B.Des degree at Shenkar college at 2011, during that year started working in a jewelry manufacturing firm as a jewelry designer. In 2016, decided to follow my passion and learn jewelry design at the Yael Shkedi Jewelry School. Since then, I've been making individual pieces that come from within my soul.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

4 X 3.5 cm

1.57 X 1.38 Inch


0.28 kg

0.62 Lbs


sterling silver, zircon

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