The Eye of Inspiration (Wall Art), 2021

Positivity, Good energy, Excitement, Passion, Love, Inspiration... captured in a beautiful piece.

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Michal Anish
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The Eye of Inspiration (Wall Art)

Positivity, Good energy, Excitement, Passion, Love, Inspiration... captured in a beautiful piece.

The Eye of Inspiration was created as part of my final project for advanced jewelry design.
The project objective was to create a “Charm” with a personal context.
Many people all over the world, from all religions, believe in charms and in their spiritual power to protect us. I chose the eye symbol as a charm that will keep the beholder safe, will release positive energy, calm and peace in the surrounding area.
I combined several delicate colors of gem-stones, that will reflect a calming and positive vibe. The gem-stones are positioned in two - three circles per color, emanating from the center which create the iris (colored part of an eye) effect of the eye. The colors of the textile string surrounding and supporting the eye, are also very important. The red and the turquoise color string was selected specifically as in many cultures these are colors of protection from negativity.
I carved the eye from a single block of wax, and sent the finished model for aluminum casting. Aluminum was chosen for it’s unique effect, color and light weight.

Michal Anish


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year





For me, making jewelry is a passion that grew from a love of wearing unique jewelry, to wanting to dive into the world of jewelry design and the creation of beautiful pieces.

I love the detailed creative process of converting raw material to a highly finished piece. The look on my customers' faces when they fall in love with one of my detailed creations, excites me endlessly.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

16 X 7.5 X 4 cm

6.3 X 2.95 X 1.57 Inch


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0.49 Lbs


Aluminum with various gem stones and textile string.

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