The Daily, 2018

A colorful chaos of day to day existence

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Barbara Wlazlo
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The Daily

A colorful chaos of day to day existence

This piece was an exploration of everyday items and how they all comprise our day to day lives. I explored shapes, contours, and colors that showcased what I felt at the time. I feel that this painting showcases the simple complexities of me and probably most people. This was also one of my largest pieces at the time and a beautiful challenge.

* This creation har an inner frame.

Barbara Wlazlo

Graduation Year



United States


Growing up, art has always been a hobby for me! It wasn't until I got older and committed my self to it by going to a specialized high school that I embraced its full potential. Then it was still a personal journey for me. Now, that I am also an educator, I see art as a vessel for developing identity, loving one self, I voting others into your own journey, and getting to know people in all the facets of their existence.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

36 X 42 X 1 in

91.44 X 106.68 X 2.54 Cm


5 lb

2.27 Kg


Oil paint on canvas

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