The 2 code vase, 2022

Parametric design

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Shira Zigenlaub
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The 2 code vase

Parametric design

The stream of "parametric design" has always fascinated me. The series of vases I created was inspired by looking at the parametric buildings and trying to analyze the design moves that were made and characterize the aesthetics of the buildings.
As a result, I created a series of vases, each of which expresses a move that I explored from the parametric design.

This vase is a combination of two known movements that I researched, "two codes" to create an innovative and special vase

Shira Zigenlaub


Industrial Design

Graduation Year





From a young age I was attracted to fascinating shapes, colors, textures and patterns.

I like to go outside, observe the beauty that exists in the world and draw inspiration from it for my work.

In my work, I am interested in combining the world of craft with innovative technologies and thus producing unique works.
In addition, I like to explore and go on adventures, travel in Israel and the world, meet new people and ideas.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 20 X 9 cm

3.94 X 7.87 X 3.54 Inch


0.7 kg

1.54 Lbs


Ceramic print

My process of creating the series of vases stemmed from my curiosity about the world of parametric design. I have always been attracted to the formal complexity and technological innovation that characterizes the world of parametric design.
I created a series of vases with a complex shapes with computer software. I then printed the vases with an innovative ceramic printer.
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