Sustainable Shag, 2018

Woven from thousands scraps of fabric

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Liad Arussy
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Sustainable Shag

Woven from thousands scraps of fabric

It's no secret that the textile industry is one of the biggest pollutants. Over-production overwhelms even donation centers. Though this luscious pillow, I wove ribbons from packaging, pieces ripped clothes, netting, and more. Instead of opening up the paint tubes, I used the materials around me to create this colorful rug-pillow.

Liad Arussy



Graduation Year



United States


Raised in the US, I moved to Israel at 18 years old. From a young age, I've placed human kindness and volunteerism as my focus. With everything I do, I seek how I can help others, and that only continues throughout my design work.

As a textile design student based in Tel Aviv, I take inspiration from the diverse people I meet, placing a focus on the changes faced by people with disabilities. From putting a smile on someone's face by unique color choice to developing a new type of fabric to add comfort, I believe that design should serve a purpose and contribute to the bettering of peoples' lives.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

30 X 18 X 18 cm

11.81 X 7.09 X 7.09 Inch


1 kg

2.2 Lbs


Synthetic, Natural textiles

The design of this piece was taken from a collage I created. Line by line of the rug, I closely followed the color patterns to eventually achieve this woven interpretation.
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