Sunday Morning, 2023

Walking into your weekend with a sip of sunshine and the aroma of toast

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Irene Chung
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Sunday Morning

Walking into your weekend with a sip of sunshine and the aroma of toast

This artwork serves as the third page of my debut picture book, 'Here and There,' which was published in May 2023 at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design. Centered around the profound longing experienced in a romantic relationship, 'Here and There' fills a void in children's literature by authentically portraying the reality of affectionate connections.

This image is the third spread of the picture book and is inspired by my sentiment of entering the kitchen and feeling the absence of my significant partner despite the lovely environment. The original text that goes with this illustration is "I stepped into the kitchen, expecting the aroma of toast and butter, but all I saw was a sink piled up with dishes." However, without the text, this image captures the beautiful surrounding on its own and would be a lovely addition to your living room.

Irene Chung


Art – Illustration

Graduation Year



United States


Irene Chung is an Illustrator based between Taipei and Providence. Coming from a background of health science and journalism, Irene couldn’t deny her passion for art and therefore decided to hone her artistic skills at RISD. She is drawn to illustrating scenes that celebrate the love and joy. In her free time, she is watching romantic movies, reading at a coffee shop, or traveling to find inspiration.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

17 X 11 in

43.18 X 27.94 Cm


3 lb

1.36 Kg


Illustration on Fine Art Paper

Making a book was more challenging than I thought, but I enjoyed the entire creative process -- from ideation, storyboarding, thumbnail sketches, writing, and drawing, to printing, I have gained so many valuable skills as a practicing illustrator As someone who is interested in interior design and furniture, I had a lot of joy refining all of the objects in this illustration from all the references, my home, and my imagination. I have tried several color palettes as well to test out how to best show the harmony of the environment and the peaceful ambiance, and am very satisfied with the result. I will definitely keep making more books that bring out smiles to people's faces and allow the readers to find themselves in my writing.
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