Soft Flame, 2020

The contrast of the magnitude and silence of a flame simultaneously

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Liad Arussy
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Soft Flame

The contrast of the magnitude and silence of a flame simultaneously

Forest fires are an ecological phenomena that take away families' homes, security, and lives. Those that live in the hot regions feel their magnitude on a seasonal basis. When my sister moved to California, I learned how the flames truly overwhelm their day-to-day lives and chose to focus my project on the subject. But, when I started to analyze the flames itself, I noticed their silence in a new way. I analyzed the photos of the mass fires, but when the flame is in front of you, it makes no sound. That contrast intrigued me and inspired this piece. The enormity of the flames are illustrated through the massive brushstrokes while the soft undertones of fire is brought to the forefront to symbolize the calm of the silence. This piece is created through silk-screen printing to emphasize the almost yearly frequency of forest fires.

Liad Arussy



Graduation Year



United States


Raised in the US, I moved to Israel at 18 years old. From a young age, I've placed human kindness and volunteerism as my focus. With everything I do, I seek how I can help others, and that only continues throughout my design work.

As a textile design student based in Tel Aviv, I take inspiration from the diverse people I meet, placing a focus on the changes faced by people with disabilities. From putting a smile on someone's face by unique color choice to developing a new type of fabric to add comfort, I believe that design should serve a purpose and contribute to the bettering of peoples' lives.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

72 X 137 X .2 cm

28.35 X 53.94 X 0.08 Inch


0.5 kg

1.1 Lbs


Cotton fabric, Paste based paints

Given that my specialty is silk-screen printing, I was excited to utilize this opportunity to print in a larger scale. The translation of watercolor brushstroke to screen was a challenging one as it was important for me to emphasize the depth found in the strokes. Then, aligning the multitude of massive screens after each print to create the seamless overlays was a challenge in itself. It took a few tried, but I was ablet to eventually achieve the piece you see today.
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