Shifted Button Down Shirt, 2021

A modern take on the classic button down

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Yarden Sopher-Harelick
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Shifted Button Down Shirt

A modern take on the classic button down

When creating this piece I wanted to find a way to instill a message about OCD. I chose to manipulate a classic button-down shirt that is worn everyday to work by many in the corporate world. OCD is a disease that appears in everyday life and often worsens in high-stress environments. Though the traditional button down is a universal style, here it is shifted by it's collar to reveal a shoulder where you would expect a head to emerge from. This feeling of uneasiness coming from a shirt we see so often represents the disruptive quality OCD can have on someone in their everyday life.

Exact measurements:
Center Front top to bottom- 21 1/4”
Top of shoulder to end of cuff - 30”
Across Bust - 20 1/4”

Yarden Sopher-Harelick


Fashion Design

Graduation Year



United States


Yarden’s passion to pursue her artistic career stems from her family of artists. Her mother’s love of ceramics inspired her father to study the craft as well, leading him to become a potter. Both parents have always encouraged her and her brother, a photographer, to explore their creative side. Her love for fashion stems from a young age when her grandmother taught her how to sew. As a little girl, Yarden would spend hours rummaging through piles of fabrics, trims, and buttons at her grandmother’s house, leaving with a feeling of inspiration and excitement for future projects.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

20 X 21 in

50.8 X 53.34 Cm


0.15 lb

0.07 Kg



Creating this piece was challenging because I really wanted the shirt to look like a regular button down if you twisted it diagonally. In order to do so I first deconstructed a button down shirt I had bought at a thrift store and learned how to reposition different parts of it so that they fit the body where I reassigned them. Before I settled on creating this design I sketched another 60 designs that made me feel uncomfortable to look at. In order to come up with these designs I thought about all the different elements of OCD and how it effects the different aspects of my life. The process taught me how to turn something so painful into a fun piece of wearable art that I could be proud of.
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