Self Portraits I, 2022

a new series of reflective, experimental self portraits

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Seth Bastian
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Self Portraits I

a new series of reflective, experimental self portraits

I wanted to take my techniques and visual styles and apply them in a self portrait series. Incorporating abstraction into realism, my aim was to experiment with visual possibilities.
Since this was my first time undergoing self portraits with any seriousness in a while it offered a good chance to see the trajectory of self portrait in the context of my practice today.
In that process of approaching self portrait with more experience and perspective different unexpected discoveries emerged.

* This creation includes 1 out of a 2 piece collection

Seth Bastian

Graduation Year



United Kingdom


My artistic desries are to develop, experiment discover and transcend.

In 2013 I left marine biology behind to pursue art-something I loved since childhood.
On my ceative journey I’m exploring various visual ideas as a generative means for expressing larger encompassing themes. Using abstraction as a primary means of discovery and experimentation, my work often borrows from and engages with modern, and historical references and uses these preexisting and contemporary lenses as a point of departure.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

36 X 72 in

91.44 X 182.88 Cm


12 lb

5.44 Kg


Oil on panel

Using a window squeegee, I carved through the paint, building the image in layers.
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