Seeking Hands, 2020

Otentu Collection - Limited Edition

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Porus Jain
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Seeking Hands

Otentu Collection - Limited Edition

He was a homeless person in Paris, but homelessness did not define him. His passion to create art was his true identity. The inability of a painter to put down a single stroke of paint after experiencing personal trauma for 3 years that made him homeless. The tremors of the hand due to even the thought of a life that once was. Have you ever experienced pain from inability? From missing something so deeply? From losing the power to create?
In creating this expression, I used stacked images to craft an experience of not just a painter's hands but also the deep sense of loss experienced by the artist. In a way attempting to allow the viewer to enter the heart and mind of the artist and share the yearning for a lost craft. We can all relate to losses and the yearning for what will never come. The yearning is as powerful as the achievement itself.


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Porus Jain



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With a keen interest in developing a practice that benefits those he photographs, Porus Jain is a photographer and social worker whose main subject matter revolves around photographing those communities that have become invisible to the global population due to socio-political structures and economic standing. Growing up in India, he saw the transition of the news media into a corrupt politically motivated practice, benefiting from the pain of others and always depicting the minority communities in a negative light. After spending 4 years in India photographing the oppressed groups, poverty stricken population and the rural landscape, he believes in using photography as a means to give these people a voice, to bridge the gap between them and those who can actually help them. Having experienced isolation, segregation, inferiority complexes, anxiety issues and invisibility himself throughout his childhood, the true essence of Porus’s work is very personal, in an attempt to do for these people what he couldn’t do for his younger self.

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