Seasons, 2018

An abstract interpretation of seasons change through Shibori

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Liad Arussy
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An abstract interpretation of seasons change through Shibori

As humans, we strive for control and power. The weather, however, while it can be analyzed and predicted, cannot be controlled (yet). We cannot choose whether it rains or snows or if the sun shines on our face. But we do get to experience it. There's a real beauty and innocence to that lack of power.

Moving to the Middle-East, I long for the days when I woke up in my North American home and gazed out the window to the newly fallen snow or the fog an autumn day. I miss the change of weather - as opposed to the regular hot day here with the occasional rain. There's a magic to the change of season.

Shibori is a Japanese manual tie-dyeing technique, which produces a number of different patterns on fabric. Through tying and sewing, artists work the fabric to attempt to control where the dye hits the textile. Like the weather, though, the creator can predict the outcome of their work - but there's always an element of surprise. The magic comes when the dye has been set and the ties are unwound to reveal the true art.

Liad Arussy



Graduation Year



United States


Raised in the US, I moved to Israel at 18 years old. From a young age, I've placed human kindness and volunteerism as my focus. With everything I do, I seek how I can help others, and that only continues throughout my design work.

As a textile design student based in Tel Aviv, I take inspiration from the diverse people I meet, placing a focus on the changes faced by people with disabilities. From putting a smile on someone's face by unique color choice to developing a new type of fabric to add comfort, I believe that design should serve a purpose and contribute to the bettering of peoples' lives.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

26 X 40 X .2 cm

10.24 X 15.75 X 0.08 Inch


0.2 kg

0.44 Lbs


Silk textiles, Cotton textiles, Dye

While working the textiles, I attempted to capture the essence of North American seasons. While at times I used more structure to create the spring flowers, I discovered the beauty that came with the more loose, abstract approach, to achieve the snowy blizzard, forest fog, and summer waves.
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