Reflection on Human Life, 2023

Despite Collection 2023

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Rosalie Angelillo
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Reflection on Human Life

Despite Collection 2023

Exploring visceral concepts we all experience.

I am inspired by various techniques of blending colors, distortion and object representation to depict key universal phenomenons all humans experience. Oil paint is my way to express this in a 2-D form. Time is present upon us from birth when we are stamped with a time of deliverance, achieving annual milestones, and leading to the time of our death, which is also recorded on a certificate. Out of order and imagined numbers on a distorted clock, lead to an illusion that time is of no true essence. Regardless of the temporality of our existence on earth, humans continually form deep bonds of love. Our existence heavily depends upon connection to others and personal passions. We are kept alive by our anatomy, alluded by the heart. This life force is reflected onto the vase. As the viewer's eye explores the stems that lead to the morphed flowers, which hold every color of our visible spectrum, there is a sense of confusion, yet vibrant energy. These blend and fade away into the vast abyss of space, perhaps as we might. Despite hardships and inevitable bewilderments, collectively we live through a subjective experience which is beautiful in its whole.

* This creation has an inner frame.

Rosalie Angelillo


Fine Arts

Graduation Year



United States


Living in New York City as a soon to graduate art student, I am constantly around such an effervescent environment, which appears a lot through my artwork. My goal in my art, mainly oil painting, is to captivate the viewers mind and eye through vibrant color use, brushwork, and style. My concepts come from deep within me, and I am always trying to express and evoke something worth noting. My subject matter is mainly surrounding positivity, the inner self, locations which influence me, and many other changing theories. My aims are to inspire, and teach others with the magical mediums of 2-D art making. I believe everyone has an artistic eye, and I want to bring this out within them by my art works visual and hidden messages.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

18 X 14 X 1 in

45.72 X 35.56 X 2.54 Cm


0.5 lb

0.23 Kg


Pre stretched black canvas, oil paint, glossy varnish over top as the final protective layer.

This original composition was very inspiring to me, taking inspiration from Salvador Dalí I distorted the clock with my own twist. I thoroughly enjoyed piecing together my chosen objects, to represent the phenomenons. Laying out all my colors on my palette gave me the creative freedom to dive into whatever felt right in that moment. As I was going through the process of making this, I learned a lot about not being afraid to spend time doing something over, or even changing my mind completely about something. As you can see in my progression photo, the vase was not the same shape at first. I felt a different shape would fit the piece better and I wasn't afraid to alter my original sketch design after I already started the painting. I also added in the heart about 1/4 through, out of intuition. The highlights in making this were these exact challenges, because they pushed me and I now feel more confident in my art practice. I enjoyed working on the final touches, and peeling my eyes for any additional desired details. This painting excites me for the future, because I know I will be able to communicate deep concepts, and uniquely find my own way to visually express them. The re-work my brushstrokes, aided in my intended loose and expressive feeling for this. Overall, I am beyond proud of my journey that I went through while creating this artwork.
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