Planet Earth Diamond Bracelet, 2022

A bracelet inspired by Planet Earth with 11 diamonds - 27.5 points

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Anat Eyal
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Planet Earth Diamond Bracelet

A bracelet inspired by Planet Earth with 11 diamonds - 27.5 points

As an artist, I am fascinated by all the little details that make up our universe. If you look closely enough you can see perfection in the imperfection, which is what I try to capture in my bracelets.
I approach every piece I make as a spontaneous act of creation: the end result is both entirely unexpected and unique - just like life itself!
My love for the beauty of our natural environment inspires me to work with materials that will help me capture its complexity and different textures.
So far my collections include glass sculpture and metal works. Each piece is handcrafted to create something that is one of a kind. I am fascinated by the interplay between the natural and modern worlds and the interesting beautiful marks left behind by the passage of time.
This bracelet is part of a series crafted by hand (and with love). Every bracelet is created one at a time, allowing its own unique essence and character to shine through.

Bracelet with 11 diamonds - 27.5 points
Bracelet materials: 24 carat gold plating 1 micron.
Bracelet dimensions: width 3 cm / diameter 5.5-6 cm
Bracelet opening: 3 cm
Weight: 47 gram

Anat Eyal


Industrial Design

Graduation Year





Born and raised in Israel, Anat is a jewelry artist whose creations are a reflection of her love for the planet and its natural surroundings. Experimentalist at heart, Anat works with different materials, including glass, sterling silver, gold, and colors, to form her nature-inspired designs.
Anat's jewelry pieces represent a small reflection of the perfection in the imperfection and celebrate the hidden beauty in nature. From the pattern of an aging tree to the formation of soil, her creations bring rare beauty created by nature's elements into the lives of those who appreciate it.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

3 X 5.5 cm

1.18 X 2.17 Inch


0.47 kg

1.04 Lbs


24 carat gold plating 1 micron

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