Pangur Bán, 2019

A long, winding scarf

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Alexander Burdette
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Pangur Bán

A long, winding scarf

This scarf features fine, uniform rows with a long edge that rolls like the sea on a calm day. Measuring just a bit over thirteen feet long, this scarf can wind around the wearer like the sea fog that inspired it. The opaque white colorblock gives way suddenly to surprisingly bright cyan that, in combination with its length, give the piece a metaphorical quality of looking out on a sea from a lighthouse.

Alexander Burdette


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I'm a multimedia artist whose interests include theatre, photography, film, writing, and textiles. My work explores kindness, liminality and the beauty of the mundane. I study theatre and creative writing so I can use storytelling to uplift marginalized voices and alter the way my audiences see the world. My photography particularly focuses on everyday objects and the ways they exist in space; like my father taught me, I want to show people how remarkable the world around us is.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

5 X 137 in

12.7 X 347.98 Cm


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