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Carefully curated and produced creations from the diverse and eclectic selection of art + design work created by students at the finest schools in the world and showcased on Otentu. These limited-edition creations support the dreams and creativity of aspiring creators.
By purchasing an Otentu Collection work, you play an active role in the development of the next generation of artists and designers.

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    275 USD
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    Teagan Ferraby
    Donut Coral, 2021
    195 USD
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    Yarden Sopher-Harelick
    Shifted - Limited Edition, 2023
    Starting at 136 USD
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    HandcraftedHopeInspirationSocial Impact
    275 USD
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    Starting at 175 USD
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    Alicia Gonzalez Ramirez
    Therianthropy #3, 2022
    245 USD
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