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Despite Collection 2023

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Davon Brantley
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Despite Collection 2023

Near the summer of 2020, our society went the through many instances of social injustices , police violence , systemic/institutional racism and much more. These topics weighed heavily on my mind and sparked me to develop a piece that identified the ever-present target that hangs over the head of African American women and men. Our depiction in the media is often controversial ; certain types of bodies represent the good and bad of the African American community and it often has us profile individuals based on appearance. This makes the target bigger for certain individuals. With this we are presented with a Black Body , seated and adorned with a red halo and black square behind them. Their identity does not need to be known , for this figure represents both the Saints and Martyrs that will not be hidden due to injustices that cloud our society.

* This creation is framed

Davon Brantley


Art - Drawing

Graduation Year



United States


My name is Davon Brantley and I am a Cleveland , OH based artist who primarily works in self portraiture. I started this journey of self depiction in 2016 , where I was able to analyze how my childhood trauma and life experiences has affected my development as a person. With my work , I take inspiration from the dissociative behaviors that happen as a result of these experiences and allow the viewer to experience a glimpse of the complex emotions and mental identities that make up who I am. Through these subjects, that have my likeness , you traverse into my mind and are able to connect with these emotions that may seem taboo ; and connect them with your own experiences.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

42 X 72 X 0 cm

16.54 X 28.35 X 0 Inch


2 kg

4.41 Lbs


Charcoal, Chalk Pastel and Paper

What made this exciting was the use of the geometric shapes and making them as clean as possible. Which is very hard with charcoal and chalk pastel. It was also working with more of a political sphere for my theme. Though it still connects with my main artists statement , it definitely was amazing getting more politically charged with my work; while still keeping an ambiguity to it.
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