Genie's bracelets, 2020

One Thousand and One Nights

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Tali Rahamim
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Genie's bracelets

One Thousand and One Nights

As a graduation project, we were required to create jewelry inspired by the stories of "One Thousand and One Nights".

My inspiration came from my favorite story among these tales, Aladdin, where the character of the Genie is represented as an all-powerful being - but is actually a prisoner that needs to obey his master with the bracelets as his shackles and all his wish - is to be free.

The story led me to think about us, humans, which many times are also prisoners - shackled by our own minds, thoughts, and feelings, which our wish is to be free from.
We need to understand that it's in our power to release ourselves from these shackles.

My creation is made from brass and Lapis Lazuli gems, and one of the bracelets is textured with arabesque to match the Arabic culture and design.
The bracelets are connected with brass chains to illustrate that they are actually shackles.
The creation also includes a lock shape and a key shape, to show that it is in our power to free ourselves from our own prisons.

Tali Rahamim



Graduation Year





Ever since childhood, my passion, desire and love were for beauty, nature and all kinds of art, with a basic perception of free creation and a lot of imagination.
My attraction to goldsmithing came from my uncle, which was a goldsmith himself, and upon seeing his creations – a spark was lit inside of me, which afterwards led me to follow that path.
Over the years, art became an inseparable and important part of my life, whether visiting galleries and museums, reading and studying about art and artists, fashion and fashion designers, along with painting as a hobby.
The dream of being able to express my own creativity and art came true when I began studying goldsmithing at Yael Shkedy’s jewelry school.
My love and attraction is for classical goldsmithing, where I start the creation from basic materials, manipulate them, until achieving the final form and design of the jewel.
My preference is creating statement jewelry with large gems and different materials in addition to metals, such as strings, ropes, natural stone beads etc.
I like to think of my creations as unique and colorful, mostly inspired by natural and tribal elements.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

7 X 10 X 6 cm

2.76 X 3.94 X 2.36 Inch


0.2 kg

0.44 Lbs


Brass , lapis

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