NYCxGhoul, 2021

Fear and recognition of oneself

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Kirsten Horvath
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Fear and recognition of oneself

After binge watching Tokyo Ghoul - or any storyline that highlights darker parts of oneself, it is easy to self-reflect. It derived from a lower point in my happiness with more negative thoughts such as “if everyone is a monster then no one will be.” Living in a high crime city surrounded by negative news and media can really distort your mind and numb the population to cruelty. As artists, it’s easy to leverage our negativity to create a piece completely up to the viewers interpretation.

* This creation has an inner frame

Kirsten Horvath


Fine Arts

Graduation Year



United States


You can call me Kiko! My love for art has been evolving since I was a child. From charcoal works to water colors to high intensity/vibrant digital art, my imagination knows no bounds. My traditional training began in high school and improved through self-taught and online facets. My inspirations derive from calm acrylic landscapes, grungy city scenes, cyberpunk, and manga influences.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

45.72 X 45.72 X .5 cm

18 X 18 X 0.2 Inch


0.45 kg

0.99 Lbs


Gloss Paper and Ink

Digital art is forever evolving. For one to evolve with it - you must constantly learn. This is where I find the most challenge and joy - learning new background techniques, leveraging textures and new features to essentially create your stream of consciousness. Small things tend to excite me. Color variances and tiny details that some will bypass and some will recognize make my heart happy. Can you find the Easter eggs?
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