Noise, 2023

Inspire Me Collection

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Eden Kuller
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Inspire Me Collection

Explore the captivating fusion of materials in a symphony of creativity. Embracing the serendipitous nature of artistic encounters, this artwork unites black acrylic paint and foil in a mesmerizing convergence. The dominance of black paint exudes an enigmatic presence, while the foil radiates with vibrant luminosity. The interplay between these contrasting elements reveals unanticipated depths, offering a visual experience that defies expectations. Like a siren's call, Noise beckons viewers to immerse themselves in its beguiling composition and surrender to the magic of artistic alchemy.

* This creation is framed

Eden Kuller


Visual Communications

Graduation Year





My name is Eden, Im 25 and live in Jerusalem. Before I moved to the big city, I grew up in a small village surrounded by nature. I draw inspiration from values ​​that fascinate me, in our magnificent world. From randomness to masterful precision, unique smells, strange colors and everything that makes me feel part of something big.

My passion is to create art with unique materials, which lead to an interesting & unexpected outcome.

I invite you to dive into the depths and explore the different layers, through the graphic expression.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

50 X 50 cm

19.69 X 19.69 Inch


1 kg

2.2 Lbs



During the peak of the Corona period, we were forced to be closed in our homes. I like to express myself through art, and it was hard for me not to be inspired outside and create during this period. At that time I lived in a small settlement far from the city, and this situation only allowed me to use the tools I had at home.

I took materials from the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, and met them on my substrate. Aluminum foil is one of the examples of this.

The combination of the different materials created interesting and different products, and gave me the opportunity to create despite all the limitations of the period. Today, the restrictions have already been removed, but I had the privilege of learning an interesting lesson in diverse materials, and in an unusual process.
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