New Landing Earrings - Diamond, 2023

Step in a New Direction

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Anat Eyal
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New Landing Earrings - Diamond

Step in a New Direction

With the New Landing handcrafted earrings, you'll experience expert technique using only the finest materials, ensuring sophistication and durability.

• Style: Luxurious 24k gold-plated silver with a thickness of 1 micron and a 5 point diamond embellishment

• Versatile earrings suitable for any occasion

• Perfect for making a memorable statement


About the creation:

Embarking on a new journey is akin to venturing into uncharted territory, an enigmatic commencement filled with anticipation and the allure of unexplored elegance. We believe that life's odyssey is an ever-evolving exploration, where each fresh step uncovers profound moments that enhance our very existence. The New Landing earrings invite you to experience the enchantment of novel encounters and unveil the allure of the unfamiliar.

Discover the embodiment of courage and beauty with our meticulously crafted earrings. Designed with endless attention, they become a symbol of embracing new beginnings. Dare to take the leap into the unknown and allow the New Landing earrings to gracefully guide your journey.


About Otentu Collection:

Curated from the diverse work of talented graduates and students at the world's top schools, the Otentu Collection includes limited edition creations, showcasing the boundless creativity and dreams of aspiring creators.

Anat Eyal


Industrial Design

Graduation Year





Born and raised in Israel, Anat is a jewelry artist whose creations are a reflection of her love for the planet and its natural surroundings. Experimentalist at heart, Anat works with different materials, including glass, sterling silver, gold, and colors, to form her nature-inspired designs.
Anat's jewelry pieces represent a small reflection of the perfection in the imperfection and celebrate the hidden beauty in nature. From the pattern of an aging tree to the formation of soil, her creations bring rare beauty created by nature's elements into the lives of those who appreciate it.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

2 X 3 cm cm

0.79 X 1.18 cm Inch


0.2 kg

0.44 Lbs


24k gold-plated silver with a thickness of 1 micron and a 5 point diamond embellishment

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