Moonlight, 2022

The moon's reflection light waves appear on the dim sea surface.

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Zhiping Liu
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The moon's reflection light waves appear on the dim sea surface.

In this painting I turned the background into a dark color, just like in a dream world with some thin fog floating on the dim sea, the moon hanging alone in the sky, the moon's reflection light waves appearing on the sea, the reflection divides the whole painting into two parts, you can visually see the junction line between the sky and the sea. I used quartz sand to make the picture more three-dimensional so that it is very effective no matter from that angle.

Zhiping Liu


Fine Arts

Graduation Year



United States


I have loved art since I was a child. I think art is a kind of magic, it will bring me spiritual comfort, I often immerse myself in the creation of art, I find that the creation of art will bring me relaxation. And I think the most beautiful thing about art is that it also adds a lot of emotions that are unique to me. Every piece I create is filled with my love for art.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

20.5 X 25.5 X 1.5 cm

8.07 X 10.04 X 0.59 Inch


0.4 kg

0.88 Lbs


Acrylic, quartz sand

I always dream of a dim sea with some thin mist floating on the sea, feeling like something is going to happen, but the moonlight is clearly shown as an inverted triangle imprinted on the sea. The overall highlight is the contrast between the dark background and the bright moonlight and moon. I used a squeegee to draw out the moonlight and the waves on the sea.
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