moil, 2021

At the end of a time a turmoil, it came out onto the canvas

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Marita Blake
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At the end of a time a turmoil, it came out onto the canvas

This piece came about at the end of a long, long period of turmoil. Growing up, the realization of the pandemic, friendship woes and lifestyle questioning all contributed to a night where I buried it in boxed wine, yelling at my strung-out roommates and throwing it all on the canvas.

* This creation has an inner frame.

Marita Blake


Digital Art

Graduation Year



United States


Hi! My name is Marita Blake. I am a senior studying business with a minor in Creative Technology and Design, which is digital art focussed. I love to create using InDesign mostly, which calls to my writing experience. I am also honing my embroidery skills, which has become my favorite form of art lately!


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 8 X .5 in

25.4 X 20.32 X 1.27 Cm


0.5 lb

0.23 Kg


canvas, acrylic

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