Milk (Here’s the Thing)., 2023

Bro was thirsty.

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Emma Dailey
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Milk (Here’s the Thing).

Bro was thirsty.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I romanticize small moments with my friends. I wanted to showcase how even a seemingly innocuous action such as drinking from a carton of milk, can be transformed through my lens of my relationship with said person. Suddenly, this slightly off-putting, but still commonplace action becomes elevated with a sense of humor and nostalgia.

* This creation is framed

Emma Dailey


Multidisciplinary Art

Graduation Year



United States


Emma “M” Dailey is a junior at the Cleveland Institute of Art, double majoring in Painting and Sculpture + Expanded Media.

The core of Dailey’s work is human fragility, as they attempt to reason their way through this silly little universe.

Dailey’s work is often introspective. Dailey is a survivor of multiple instances of sexual assault, and their art is a vessel to communicate the anger and confusion that comes with such a title.

Dailey is also puppeteer and avid puppet designer, and hopes to one day spread their ideas about healing from such events through the art form.

They also hate the sun.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

18 X 24 X 0 in

45.72 X 60.96 X 0 Cm


15 lb

6.8 Kg


Graphite, Paper, Frame

I made this work rather quickly- to get out of my current slump in painting. I’ve always loved drawing, but haven’t used it as a medium for a couple years now. I used a mechanical pencil for this entire thing because I’m a fool.
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