MFA Figure Study - Blue , 2018

Inspire Me Collection

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Michelle Dugan
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MFA Figure Study - Blue

Inspire Me Collection

Step into a world where ancient statues whisper their secrets. The artist, captivated by the timeless beauty of Greek and Italian figure statues, embarked on a journey to breathe life into these stone sculptures. The series was created on an assignment for a figure drawing final, while interning with the exhibitions team at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In the quiet moments outside of museum hours, the sculptures took on different lives - sometimes feeling lifeless like mere stone, and at other times, exuding an animate presence. For this project, the artist decided to portray them in a way that separated them from their stone creation. These compositions work to aim at taking away the parts of them that lead to the lifeless feeling, and portray them in a way that breathes movement and life back into them, resulting in the captivating MFA Figure Study Blue series, where marble masterpieces transcend their earthly bonds and embrace the realm of the living.

Michelle Dugan


Art & Design

Graduation Year



United States


Michelle is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. She received her BFA from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, and is currently pursuing her masters at SCAD. She dabbles in digital design, photography, mixed media as well as traditional studio practices in oil painting and mixed media painting.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

19 X 25 X 0.1 in

48.26 X 63.5 X 0.25 Cm


Charcoal on Blue Tinted Paper

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