Me and My Travels - NYC Bracelet, 2023

Travel Journal Exhibition

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Naama Elazar
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Me and My Travels - NYC Bracelet

Travel Journal Exhibition

This bracelet is part of the “Me and My Travels” series that represent significant journeys in my life. This one particularly, the circle bracelet, symbolizes my last family trip to New York, where I felt the city's energy and vibrancy. The Square bracelet in the collection represents my trip to Japan, where I was mesmerized by the country's beauty and culture. And the Triangle bracelets embody my gap year travels, where I explored the world and discovered new cultures. Each bracelet is uniquely designed and crafted with care, using the finest materials such as silver, gold, and precious stones.

Naama Elazar



Graduation Year





My love for preserving life experiences led me to create a series of bracelets that represent significant journeys in my life. Each bracelet tells a story that is special to me, capturing the essence of my travels and adventures. I started studying goldsmithing during Covid, searching for an occupation that would fulfill my soul. My studies took longer than expected, but I never lost sight of my passion for creating beautiful and unique jewelry.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

8 X 8 X 5 cm

3.15 X 3.15 X 1.97 Inch



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