Line #2, 2021

Drawing through a tactile sensation

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Alicia Gonzalez Ramirez
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Line #2

Drawing through a tactile sensation

This ongoing series of drawings is the result of a dialogue with an everyday object that connects me with my home: a chain necklace, a family gift that I always wear. Take it between my fingers, run the little pieces of chain over my fingerprints... they are unconscious acts that I do in my day to day whenever I remember my family and my home. As this object is always in contact with my skin, this emotional bond that connects me to the necklace is manifested through the sense of touch.
I reproduce my tactile relationship with my family necklace by rolling a small piece of charcoal over the paper with my finger. I emulate the sensations I have when passing my chain necklace through my fingers, by moving the edges of the charcoal on the paper. Fingerprints can also be seen on the final drawing, as the record of the skin on the sensation.

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Alicia Gonzalez Ramirez


Art - Drawing

Graduation Year





My academic training as an artist and anthropologist is based on the idea that our cultural environment defines our approach to the world and, therefore, informs our artistic practice. Following this idea, I understand art as inseparable from the social context in which it is created and developed.

This vision of art is embodied in my work by placing this link at the center of my artistic concerns. Due to its versatility and physicality, drawing soon became the ideal medium to approach my research on how our body relates to the environment. Drawing is movement, a gesture in space that connects us with our surroundings. But drawing is also the registration of those movements through mark-making. For the recording process of these gestures, I naturally combine conventional work tools such as paper, graphite, or charcoal with more current ones such as video or audio.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

65 X 50 cm

25.59 X 19.69 Inch


0.1 kg

0.22 Lbs


Charcoal on paper

I unhook the necklace from around my neck and I place it on the table, right next to the paper I'm going to draw on. As I put it down, the necklace forms a random line, and—always paying attention to the sensation of the piece of charcoal rolling under my fingers—I try to reproduce the necklace’s shape.
Having made this action everyday, its repetitive nature puts me in a particular state of mind and helps me warm up before working on other pieces.
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