Lights Always Get Through, 2022

No matter how small the gap is, the lights always get through

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Ying Chen
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Lights Always Get Through

No matter how small the gap is, the lights always get through

Inspired by the Onion Garden which is a very beautiful and open coffee place just located at the most busy Victoria station in London. Ying Chen focuses on exploring the interwoven relationship between darkness and light.
The forest blocked the sun, shadows cover the earth, bringing people extreme depression with unpredictable darkness; But sunlight will always go through the gaps, illuminating inner warmth and hope. There needs to be a loose open space not only in the forest but also in an urban jungle to give each individual a distance of perception and distinguish between light and darkness, and give creatures in the urban jungle the opportunity to bathe in sunlight to breathe and pursuing the way forward.

Ying Chen


Art - Ceramics

Graduation Year



United Kingdom


Ying was born and raised in a purple clay family. She showed a strong interest in ceramics in high school. After graduating from Nanjing University of the Arts in 2021, she began her postgraduate study at the Royal College of Arts in the same year, and won several national awards during her study. Now, she is committed to combining ancient Chinese ceramic making techniques with advanced Western thinking to express her thoughts on human emotions, traditional culture and body language.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 10 X 19 cm

3.94 X 3.94 X 7.48 Inch


0.8 kg

1.76 Lbs


ceramic, glass

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