Koi dome, 2023

A warm water scarf

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Alexander Burdette
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Koi dome

A warm water scarf

This yarn caught my eye because the orange, black, and white juxtaposed with the blue reminded me of koi. Further investigation revealed pink as well, a color possible but uncommon in the fish. The short, fat stripes of color are reminiscent of vertical architecture, a scene in a warm underwater city where koi swim from building to building doing their shopping and visiting their neighbors. "Dome" refers to a shape of an environment, but also specifically to the word "domicile": this is the home of the koi, and I imagine quite a few of them living in an apartment building together.

Alexander Burdette


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I'm a multimedia artist whose interests include theatre, photography, film, writing, and textiles. My work explores kindness, liminality and the beauty of the mundane. I study theatre and creative writing so I can use storytelling to uplift marginalized voices and alter the way my audiences see the world. My photography particularly focuses on everyday objects and the ways they exist in space; like my father taught me, I want to show people how remarkable the world around us is.


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