just in case, 2022

The amulet that protects me

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Sveta Shevchenco
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just in case

The amulet that protects me

The subject of the project was the talisman that protects me and I thought what would best bring who I am to expression? I chose the endless knot, which is taken from the Buddhist religion that I find myself very much with the beliefs it represents, this amulet represents karma which is one of the steps on the way to spiritual enlightenment, this amulet reminds me to create better in this world and release the hold on the ego.
I really like to inspire, design is one of my ways and with the help of this design I want to inspire more people to choose more ways of giving and loving even if we don't receive this energy now it will come back to us in another way, the good energy does not disappear.
My choice of the blue and silver color is different from the red and gold that is associated with this amulet.
I usually like to follow a path that is a little different from what is accepted, and this is also a reminder for me to understand what makes me unique and accept every person even if they are a little different in the landscape.

Sveta Shevchenco


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year





my name is Sveta, nice to meet you (;
I'm 26 and my biggest therapy is creating, especially jewelry
I call it therapy because it's my time with myself to stop and isolate myself to get new perspectives and renew energies, it's my way of translating the ugly pain into something beautiful.
I can be inspired by my imagination, nature, music, street art and any kind of experience.
What motivates me to implement it is how much my idea burns in me.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

16.5 X 12.2 X 2.5 cm

6.5 X 4.8 X 0.98 Inch


0.64 kg

1.41 Lbs


Silver plated brass, Cubic zirconia, Pearls, Polyester

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