Jerusalem, 2021

Collage from items found and leftover in Jerusalem during 2021

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Maor Freedman
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Collage from items found and leftover in Jerusalem during 2021

In summer 2021, I participated in a fanzine making workshop. The idea behind my zine, called It Won't Be Fun Here, was to document the sights and ideas I absorbed and the feelings I felt during that summer, living in Jerusalem for my studies. A scan of this collage was part of the zine.

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Maor Freedman


Graphic Design

Graduation Year





I’m a student of visual communication at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. My work is mostly based around graphic design, but also includes printmaking, collages, photography and zines. My main interests and inspirations are graphic design from different eras, especially design from the 80s-90s, and typography; Art including abstract art, installation, collage, photography and prints, among others; Music and music cover artwork, especially electronic music and different alternative rock genres; Architecture such as Bauhaus architecture and brutalism; And other fields such as illustration.
In my work I try to communicate concepts, feelings and atmospheres I relate to or find meaningful. Sometimes I try to create a sense of mystery or obliqueness, other times, of clarity. But generally it tends to be on the border of abstract and concrete, and of emotional and conceptual. I mix digital techniques with analog ones – mostly drawing and collages. I am fascinated by print techniques and do works such as zines, posters, t-shirts and even a book, with methods including screen printing, risograph and digital printing.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

31 X 25 cm

12.2 X 9.84 Inch


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To make this collage, I collected paper materials from leftovers from previous works, and other items found in different places around the city - scraps from friends' works, postcards, brochures and packaging. I then scanned the collage and it was printed on one of the zine's pages with a riso printer, using black and red ink only. This work is the original from which the image for the zine was created.
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