Inspired by History II, 2023

Safeguarding Necklace

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Rina Ben-Yaacov
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Inspired by History II

Safeguarding Necklace

The belief in the evil eye is a very common element in human folklore and appears among people and tribes who have no cultural or geographical connection between them. Beads decorated with spirals or circles with a dot in the center appear in many cultures. Eye beads dating to the 6th millennium BC were found at a Sumerian site in Mesopotamia. The spiral pattern appears in Celtic bronze bracelets, Viking jewelry, necklaces of ancient German tribes and even in North and Central America native tribes (combined with turquoise chains). All were probably used as amulets.
The psychologist Jung coined the term "archetype": forms or symbols that exist in all human beings in all cultures, a kind of ancient image from the past of the human family.
In this necklace, I tried to connect to the archetypal forms of amulets. The design, shapes and colors of the necklace are meant to inspire the viewers - even if they are not into history or archeology - the archetypic memory and emotion of a protective, safeguarding jewel.

Rina Ben-Yaacov


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year





I got my craftsmanship skills from my father. He would spend many hours in his workshop, building, creating and repairing wooden or metal objects. When I grew up, I joined him every now and then, and together we would build furnitures for his grandchildren, toys, and other tools. I had a dream that when I retire, we will take a course in carpentry or metal work and create wonderful things together. Unfortunately, he passed away the day I retired, and I had to fulfill my dream alone. And so, I went to study product design, and after that Goldsmithing. I find that Goldsmithing has the perfect combination between craftsmanship and artistic vision, so unwittingly I chose the profession that suits me best. After forty years of working in science and computer programming, I can finally do what my soul really wants.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

25 X 25 cm

9.84 X 9.84 Inch


0.3 kg

0.66 Lbs


Sterling silver and coral beads

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