Inner Star - Limited Edition Bracelet, 2023

Shine Your Own Way

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Skyler Bonolo
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Inner Star - Limited Edition Bracelet

Shine Your Own Way

This elegant bracelet is handcrafted with 925 silver, ensuring that the jewelry is beautiful and long-lasting.


About the creation:

The Inner Star bracelet symbolizes more than just a beautiful creation, it represents the designer's personal journey of self-discovery and the universal human quest to find our true selves. Skyler's creations and journey are a perfect reflection of the beauty that emerges when we embrace our authentic selves.

As light reflects off the jewelry from different angles, each ray creates a unique color and pattern that reflects your inner truth. Your version of Inner Star is a reflection of who you are, a symbol of your authentic self. Discover the beauty and diversity of human expression with Inner Star.


About Otentu Collection:

Curated from the diverse work of talented graduates and students at the world's top schools, the Otentu Collection includes limited edition creations, showcasing the boundless creativity and dreams of aspiring creators.

Skyler Bonolo


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year



United States


Growing up in Queens, Skyler was curious about his identity and searched for creative ways to express his journey of discovery. The challenges faced and lessons learned on his journey later became the inspiration for his design.

“As a trans man, my identity has allowed me to see the world through a unique lens. I sometimes feel like I have lived two different lives, one as a woman and another as a man. But I now understand myself as someone who has found comfort in his own skin. I do not feel the need to hide or hate who I was before, because that person was still me and deserves gentleness.”


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

Adjustable, length / circumference of 14 - 20 cm

Adjustable, length / circumference of 5.51 - 7.87 Inch


0.02 kg

0.04 Lbs


925 silver

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