IKIGAI, 2022

The Japanese secret for a long and happy life

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Tamar Rubinstein-Cohen
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The Japanese secret for a long and happy life

Several years ago I read a wonderful book called Ikigai. The book was written by two researchers who searched "blue zones" (regions in the world where people supposedly live longer than average). One of the Blue Zone was the island of Okinawa, in southwest Japan. The book explored the secrets of residents aged 100 and over for long and happy life.
This book inspired me. I believe that the magic secret to a long and happy life is the combination and integration of different circles in our lives in a way that creates balance in the life of each and every one of us.
In this neckless, the brass circles represent the different circles in a person's life, and the way the circles fit together harmoniously and create a different shape is the secret to happiness and longevity. The semi-precious stones connect the different circles in unity.

Tamar Rubinstein-Cohen


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year





My name Is Tamar. After a career in law and business, I am following my passion for jewelry design. I am working with various technics including handcrafted jewelry and digital work. I draw inspiration for the jewelry I design from the world of literature which is very close to my heart, and from nature.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10 X 30 X 2 cm

3.94 X 11.81 X 0.79 Inch


0.2 kg

0.44 Lbs


Brass, 4 semi precious srones, silk thread

The initial challenge was to turn the idea into a piece of jewelry. Choosing the form, the materials, the combination of them, and dealing with the technical challenges was not a simple, challenging, and exciting process. The evolution of the process over time from an idea to a piece of jewelry was the most exciting part for me.
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