I Am Not Afraid, 2023

Despite Collection 2023

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Danielle Marsh
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I Am Not Afraid

Despite Collection 2023

When I thought about people facing challenges and doing great things despite of those challenges, one of the first things that came to my mind was the concept of The Hero's Journey, and how the protagonist is almost always able to win against the main antagonist no matter the circumstances. When drawing this image, I wanted to depict the hero, or main focus of the artwork, against some kind of giant creature. I picked a title for this piece that can express the determination and spirit of the hero.

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Danielle Marsh



Graduation Year



United States


Every time I paint or draw, I am reminded of the cartoons that I would watch when I was younger. My goal is to become a visual storyteller and share my artwork and stories with others. Art and storytelling had inspired me to pursue a career in art, and I have hope that art can touch the lives of others and inspire them to do great things as well. My ultimate goal is to inspire others and share with them a side of the world that they hadn't seen yet.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

5.07 X 6.76 X 0 in

12.88 X 17.17 X 0 Cm


1 lb

0.45 Kg


Glossy Paper

When drawing the initial sketches and mock-ups for the final piece, I tried to depict the hero being determined in the face of a great danger. I had some difficulty with deciding what should be the primary subject of the piece. Eventually, I decided that I should make the hero the focus of the art, and that I can do that by placing them near the center of the piece, even though they are small compared to the dragon. I decided to depict the hero as a dark outline so to enhance the appearance of the giant dragon.
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