Hilbert Cube, 2017

An Infinite-dimensional Topological Space

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Dhruv Batra
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Hilbert Cube

An Infinite-dimensional Topological Space

The Hilbert Cube is a three-dimensional representation of the concept of infinity. The cube has an infinite number of sides, and each side is infinitely long. This is possible because there is no end to the hilbert cube, it loops back into itself. This means that the cube contains an infinite number of points, and each point is infinitely far away from every other point.

I was thinking about the concept of infinity and how it is impossible to truly comprehend. I wanted to create something that would help people visualize what infinity might look like. Infinity is not just a mathematical concept, but something that we can see in the world around us. The stars are infinite, as is the universe. We are all connected by this infinite expanse. I hope my art inspires people to see the wonder and beauty in infinity.

* This creation is framed

Dhruv Batra


Fine Arts

Graduation Year



United States


I have a huge passion for art. Many of my pieces are either inspired by causes I support such as environmentalism and sustainability or by technology, math, and engineering concepts. I hope to inspire others with my artwork to either champion these causes or be interested in STEM.

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