Heartsleeve, 2020

A vivid, irregular scarf

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Alexander Burdette
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A vivid, irregular scarf

Blues and greens are my favorite colors, and it shows in the yarns I work with. I chose pink for this one because I wanted to break out of my comfort range. It turned out to be a frustrating scarf to make, and the saturated colors sometimes seemed ominous and organ-like. Its presence surprises me, given the fine yarn, and the tight knit and fiber make it fairly warm. It insulates the wearer in a strange reflection of how our organs work away inside the body, a reminder that it may be difficult to maintain, but one's body is intended to protect oneself.

Alexander Burdette


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I'm a multimedia artist whose interests include theatre, photography, film, writing, and textiles. My work explores kindness, liminality and the beauty of the mundane. I study theatre and creative writing so I can use storytelling to uplift marginalized voices and alter the way my audiences see the world. My photography particularly focuses on everyday objects and the ways they exist in space; like my father taught me, I want to show people how remarkable the world around us is.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

5 X 69 in

12.7 X 175.26 Cm


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I broke a knitting needle making this scarf. I put my weight down wrong while holding my work and splintered the wooden shaft. I was using my smallest set and the gauge still wasn't fine enough. I had to start it over at least three times and after I'd taped my needle back together I had to be careful not to let the wool catch on the tape. It was tricky to make, and the laceweight yarn and restarts meant it took much longer than usual, but it ended up warm and steady once I'd come through the struggle.
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