Heartbeats pebbles, 2022

A nature inspired necklace

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Rina Ben-Yaacov
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Heartbeats pebbles

A nature inspired necklace

Stones. They have a story to tell. When you take a stone in your hands, you can feel its roughness and sharp edges, or you can caress its smooth surface and stroke its curves. The sensation of the stone in your hands tells a tale, describes a history. If you pick up a pebble from the riverbed, you can imagine it wandering for many years from the top of the mountain, caressed by the water, until the moment of reaching a perfect, flowless, shiny form. One that you can put near your heart and connect to with all your senses.
Nature has always been my great guide. Nature is peace and tranquility but also force and change. From natures processes learn strength and understanding. When I design my artwork, I draw inspiration from the shapes, movements, and forces in nature.
In the necklace “Heartbeats pebbles” I am trying to capture the story of the timeless forces of earth wind and water that resulted in such stones that I created in my piece. I hope that if you put the necklace near your heart you will feel the same.

Rina Ben-Yaacov


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year





I got my craftsmanship skills from my father. He would spend many hours in his workshop, building, creating and repairing wooden or metal objects. When I grew up, I joined him every now and then, and together we would build furnitures for his grandchildren, toys, and other tools. I had a dream that when I retire, we will take a course in carpentry or metal work and create wonderful things together. Unfortunately, he passed away the day I retired, and I had to fulfill my dream alone. And so, I went to study product design, and after that Goldsmithing. I find that Goldsmithing has the perfect combination between craftsmanship and artistic vision, so unwittingly I chose the profession that suits me best. After forty years of working in science and computer programming, I can finally do what my soul really wants.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

20 X 20 cm

7.87 X 7.87 Inch


0.2 kg

0.44 Lbs


Pure gold plated and gold filled

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