Harold and The Purple Crayon Vintage Leather Cross-body, 2021

Hand-painted vintage cross-body bag from artist's children's book inspired series.

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Yarden Sopher-Harelick
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Harold and The Purple Crayon Vintage Leather Cross-body

Hand-painted vintage cross-body bag from artist's children's book inspired series.

I have always loved illustration and cartoons, specifically from my childhood. For this series of hand-painted bags I wanted to celebrate the innocence and wonder of youth by evoking a feeling of nostalgia that you can wear on your shoulder. Fashion is about storytelling and the stories we read as children inspired us and shaped us into the people we are today. This is a fun and playful purse that will have people stopping you on the street to connect with you about what might also be their favorite childhood book. That being said, while many have read Harold and The Purple Crayon, you could be the only person to have this one of a kind piece.

Yarden Sopher-Harelick


Fashion Design

Graduation Year



United States


Yarden’s passion to pursue her artistic career stems from her family of artists. Her mother’s love of ceramics inspired her father to study the craft as well, leading him to become a potter. Both parents have always encouraged her and her brother, a photographer, to explore their creative side.

Her love for fashion stems from a young age when her grandmother taught her how to sew. As a little girl, Yarden would spend hours rummaging through piles of fabrics, trims, and buttons at her grandmother’s house, leaving with a feeling of inspiration and excitement for the future.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

10.25 X 10 X 1 in

26.03 X 25.4 X 2.54 Cm


1 lb

0.45 Kg



Creating this purse and this series of children's book inspired purses was so fun because it allowed me to revisit my childhood and be re-inspired by the stories I read. Choosing a scene for each bag proved challenging because there are so many beautiful illustrations in every story. For this bag I chose to paint this image from Harold and The Purple Crayon, which depicts Harold creating his own monster. As humans we often create our own version of monsters that can seam terrifying and threatening. But just as we create our fears we can also conquer them. Children's books have so many messages that we learn as children but sometimes forget as adults. This purse is a fun way to carry your bravery along with your belongings.
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