Ginkgo Earrings - Large, 2023

Travel Journal Exhibition

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Tslil Meir
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Ginkgo Earrings - Large

Travel Journal Exhibition

This creation is part of the Ginkgo set, inspired by plants from Israel and around the world.

A journey does not happen solely within ourselves; it may begin within us, with the desire to explore and discover new things, slowly building over time. This inner journey eventually expands, propelling us to explore the world beyond and break free from the walls of our monotonous routines.

As someone who spent their childhood climbing trees and running barefoot on grass, I have instilled a kernel of freedom into this jewelry. Each of the seeds has blossomed into a unique plant, symbolizing different aspects of the journey. The oak represents stability and a strong connection to our roots, while the ginkgo embodies adaptability and the ability to grow without losing ourselves along the way.

It is essential for me to emphasize the freedom to embark on a journey every day, whether it be through our daily routine or the most distant forests. This creation serves as a reminder that no matter how great the challenges that the journey brings us, we always have the potential to grow from them.

Tslil Meir


Jewelry Design

Graduation Year





At the age of 11 I found a gem. This led me to quickly fall in love with the world of metals and stones. I started studying and practicing every moment I could, and I was waiting for the day when I could do it in the most professional way possible.
I love the calmness and repetition of the same action, the possibility of seeing beautiful things come out of my hands.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

3 X 1.5 X 0.5 cm

1.18 X 0.59 X 0.2 Inch


Silver, Polymer, Gemstone

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