Flower Land 3, 2022

Every body is a flower land.

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Carina Zhang
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Flower Land 3

Every body is a flower land.

Advertisements and social media are creating people's desire to get "perfect" and "natural" skin and transcoding imperfect skin as morbid and strange. As a result, people with visible skin conditions are always subjected to everyday shame by others and/or themselves.

Many people, especially females, still have low self-esteem due to the "flaws" in their bodies. Through this project, I want to explore the possible aesthetic of imperfect skin through illustrations. I hope the images can help people with the same concerns embrace their lovely imperfections and fight against appearance anxiety. The designs depict the "painful" experience of having a visible skin condition, parody the stereotypical statements, and embrace the uniqueness of my skin.

I chose textile as a medium since the tufted/punch-needled surface looks similar to the bumpy skin. The final format of the works will be rugs that invite viewers to hug or relax on the illustrations.
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Carina Zhang


Art – Illustration

Graduation Year



United States


I'm Carina Zhang, an illustrator based in Rhode Island. My works explore the joy of life and the lovely imperfections it possesses. My mission is to maximize the playfulness of my arts so that bring happiness to people. I sincerely believe that a good artist is also a good thinker.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

35 X 35 X 0.5 cm

13.78 X 13.78 X 0.2 Inch


2 kg

4.41 Lbs


yarn, fabric

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