Flow Light , 2022

The new generation of chandeliers

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Lee Comisioneru
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Flow Light

The new generation of chandeliers

How many of you managed to convert your imagination into reality?
Close your eyes and try to imagine a black space. Black, black, can you imagine?
Now add a shape that you will multiply as many times as you want and in whatever size you want.
Now add some color...
The process of creating the project involved researching forms of transformation both from the imagination to reality and the reality between light, space, and innovative material- PLA.

Installation Instructions:
The lighting body may be installed in two ways:
1. Using screw hooks and stainless steel hanging cables - holes are provided on the four sides of the ceiling plate
2. For ceiling flush mount installation use L shape metal profiles - holes are provided on the four sides of the ceiling plate

Lee Comisioneru


Art & Design

Graduation Year





Graduated from the Department of Interior Design, Holon Institute of Technology, HIT.

As a girl and teenager who spent her free time scouting, I discovered more and more my love for working with my hands, the desire to create something new, think, develop an idea and make interesting discoveries about different materials and their combination. This included the meeting between the physical and social worlds. As a designer and creator of interactions between the material world and the emotional world, I have the opportunity to create new and exciting encounters between material and human, between human and human and between material and material, the different experiences drive me to the satisfaction and success of the creative process. I am involved in the world of exhibitions, digital and 3D. This world opens the door to new opportunities, to a variety of experiences and possibilities to big dreams.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

150 X 150 X 150 cm

59.06 X 59.06 X 59.06 Inch


15 kg

33.07 Lbs


Upper plate is made of Perspex, 100 Objects made of Pla (3D Prints)

FLOW LIGHT was born from a study of available home technology (3D printing) and the connection to light and space.
The project deals with the transformation from imagination to reality by the formal development of one element and its multiplication.

The lighting body is produced 'by hand', on my home 3D printer; and by multiplying its basic module, allows the client and me, as a designer, to reach a variety of shapes and infinite multiplications that the world of digital production enables.

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