Flexi-Snake Mesh Shirt, 2022

Flexible snake skeleton reproduction, sculpted with original polymer blend, on mesh shirt.

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Sara Nune
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Flexi-Snake Mesh Shirt

Flexible snake skeleton reproduction, sculpted with original polymer blend, on mesh shirt.

Art is a huge “despite”. The brain is capable of conceptualizing the essence of living creatures & constantly moving ideas, an act that defies the impossible. Those ideas are pinpointed into creative projects which aim to convey the very fleeting essence of life. Life as a singular concept isn’t truly alive. Our participation in creation moves life itself forward. Our consciousness animates reality.
Life is not necessarily tied to its physical evidence. For example, this piece employs fabricated bones to evoke the spirit of a snake. Despite the creature being dead, & despite its skeleton being made of polymers, human recognition of snake-like imagery is so universal that we are able to reproduce the essence of the snake within our minds.

Sara Nune


Art – Sculpture

Graduation Year



United States


I am honored to call art my home. I connect deeply with the ever-flowing network of creativity in the world. Dancing with this rhythm has always felt like the most natural, honest thing in my life. I’m driven by the human desire to tinker with & contribute to reality.
Art is how I connect to my own humanity. I’ve been anchored back to earth by my creative process & then sent careening over everything I thought would always tower above me.
I’m thankful for the insight my projects have provided as I move through the phases of life.
My work functions as an outlet for the exploration of my own humanity. I take things deeply to heart, and to untangle these emotions, I often must have a complicated discussion with myself. The most effective method I’ve discovered for expressing difficult concepts is through experimental sculpture. When I create an image reflecting something my mind is warring with, I can see the layers of complexity & find beauty in the inexplicable divine patterns. I love to explore repetitions through nature & consider the impact of human consciousness upon the natural history of the world.

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Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

24 X 11 X 1 cm

9.45 X 4.33 X 0.39 Inch


0.06 kg

0.12 Lbs


Polymer/silicone blend on Polyester/spandex

This was honestly a fever dream to create. I just kept my hands moving and kept working toward the vision in my mind until I achieved it. Rolling out all the little bones in gradient sizes and draping them over aluminum tubes I made for their respective sizes was the most tedious process, but this was the method I chose to cure the pieces!
I’m naturally skilled at intricate work, so physically putting the skeleton together & carving the head was quite simple. I fixated on the piece and tried to stay in tune with what was necessary in the moment to better evoke the spirit I wanted it to align with.
When I finally wore the piece out dancing in SF a few times & confirmed the flexibility, I felt a huge rush of accomplishment & support from my peers. That was definitely the cherry on top!
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