Flamingos, 2019

A bright and deep scarf

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Alexander Burdette
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A bright and deep scarf

The colors of this yarn are contradictory, bright and pastel in places, with a luster that, combined, put me in mind of a stand of flamingos in a wet flat as the sun starts to set. The contrast between bright and gentle colors is similar to those of the sky at sunset, where clouds blaze vibrantly but the golden hour light falls gently on the landscape. The stripes in this scarf, and the subtle color transitions between them echo the illusion of seeing the sky reflected in water, flamingos poking down at their reflections suspended above the flock below above the next flamboyance, into the horizon.

Alexander Burdette


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United States


I'm a multimedia artist whose interests include theatre, photography, film, writing, and textiles. My work explores kindness, liminality and the beauty of the mundane. I study theatre and creative writing so I can use storytelling to uplift marginalized voices and alter the way my audiences see the world. My photography particularly focuses on everyday objects and the ways they exist in space; like my father taught me, I want to show people how remarkable the world around us is.


Measurements (Width X Height X Depth)

5 X 55 in

12.7 X 139.7 Cm


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