Frequently Asked Questions (Creators)



Q: Who can join as a creator?

A: Art and Design students and recent graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) from this global list of leading Art and Design schools can join as creators and list their creations for sale. Proof-of-attendance is required.


Q: What can I sell on Otentu?

A: We accept creations in a wide variety of categories e.g.: art, photography, wearable items, accessories, home décor, jewellery and more. Eligible creations can be homework assignments, final projects or works done outside of school.

Each creation listed for sale needs to be an original, one-of-a-kind work (without duplicates) that can be easily shipped and offered exclusively on Otentu. If there are up to five identical copies of the creation you want to list, email us at for guidance.


Q: What if my school/university is not listed as an “Otentu recognized school”?

A: If your school isn’t listed, please contact your school administration, and ask them to contact us at


Q: How much does it cost to join as a creator?

A: Nothing! Otentu is fully dedicated to students and recent graduates and therefore doesn’t charge any upfront fees. We sponsor our activities by retaining a portion of the sales through the platform.


Q: What if my creation is digital?

A: We accept digital creatinos such as graphic design and photography BUT since we only sell physical creations, we require the creators with digital works to choose a material to print on and provide their creation printed and packaged 48 hours from when the creation is purchased.


Q: Why does my creation need to be approved before becoming active on Otentu?

A: We review submissions to ensure listing accuracy, and adherence to Otentu content and shipping guidelines. We don’t judge creative/artistic characteristics.


Q: How will the collector know that your creation is original and one-of-a-kind?

A: We rely on your declaration that the item is original and one-of-a-kind (or few), created by you. Based on this, we will create a digital Certificate of Authenticity (COA) on your behalf. Once your creation is accepted by the collector, we will send them the COA.


Q: Are my creations suitable for Otentu?

A: We believe in you and your work! We’ve seen many student creations that deserve to be sold and add creativity to someone’s life. If your creation is decorative or can potentially be used or worn by someone, then it is probably suitable for the platform.

Creations that look like household items, appliances, furniture, clothes, etc., but in-fact cannot be used as such, must have that clearly disclosed in the creation description.


Q: How can I improve the chances of my creation being sold?

A: Make the story memorable, let it capture the imagination and win hearts and minds. Captivate the potential collector in your profile by revealing your authentic self. Convey your vision, passion, and inspiration. Help the collector understand what drives you, your approach to the creative process and the meaning of the work you are selling. Also, include high quality pictures and relevant tags (creation themes).


Q: How do I know if my creation sells?

A: Otentu will notify you immediately by email per your creator profile contact details.


Q: Who is responsible for packing and shipping my creation?

A: Otentu will make the courier shipping arrangements, planned pick-up time, and information about how to adjust (if needed). Courier costs are paid by the collector.

Creators are responsible for packing their sold creation, including necessary packing materials to ensure the work's safety and integrity during shipping. The sealed package must be ready for courier pick-up from your specified location within 48 hours of the sale.


Q: This is all a little too good to be true, where’s the catch?

A: We get this question a lot, and the answer is simple - we don’t charge registration or listing fees, however we do split the proceeds with you (70% goes to you and 30% to us).


Q: Are there any other benefits from registering and listing?

A: Otentu is not just about exposing and selling creations to a global audience; it is also about helping you build your brand by providing programs/tools such as:

·       Competitions

·       Exhibitions of select works

·       Collaborations with commercial firms

·       Commercialization opportunities


Q: How many creations do I have to list for my account to be 'active' on the platform?

A: Just one! To have an active account on Otentu you must list at least one creation.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of creations I can list on the platform?

A: There is no limit, in fact we encourage you to list as many as possible and use your profile on Otentu as an online portfolio. 


Q: Who sets the price of the creation?

A: You do. In the future Otentu will advise you based on the type of creation and past performance of similar creations. Meanwhile, we suggest that you do some research to determine the price.
Ultimately, it is the creator’s decision.


Q: How do I get paid?

A: The creator is paid 70% of the item’s selling price, through one of the multiple payment methods Otentu supports (including PayPal). Payment is processed 7-10 days after the creation arrives at the buyer’s address.


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